Have a look through our gallery to see what the wheels we sell look like on your cars

  • Mazda MX5 orange 15inch EX8 Matte Black
  • Mazda MX5 silver 15inch 3SDM Black
  • Mazda MPS 3 red 18inch Inovit Sparkle Black Red
  • Mazda RX8 Blue 19inch Pantera staggered
  • Mazda Mx5 grey 18inch BK521 Blk Polished
  • Mazda RX8 Silver 19inch Projex 205 Carbon Staggered
  • Mazda RX8 silver 18inch DTM Blk red
  • Mazda MX5 black 15icnh  Dotz Chronos
  • Mazda RX7 Black 19inch  ASA DS3 silver staggered
  • Mazda MX5 black 15inch Dezent V black Polished
  • Mazda Rx8 black 20inch SWT141 staggered
  • Mazda MPS 6 Silver 18inch Dotz Roadster
  • Mazda RX8 red 19inch HRE 595R Brushed & Clear