Road Hero Spare Wheel Kit

Road Hero Spare Wheel Kit

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This space saver spare wheel kit includes everything you need to change a wheel at the roadside. If one of your vehicle’s tyres is damaged, this complete set is perfect for getting you back on the road. It comes in steel or alloy wheel types, for a wide range of manufacturers and models, and is available in a wide range of sizes. Being a ‘space saver’, it really is designed to help you save space in the back of your vehicle since it all fits neatly into the boot. It is ready whenever you need it. As well as the wheel itself, we will supply a fitted tyre and wheel brace as part of the package. Having everything together in one place makes this an essential product for any driver.

What are the benefits of having a Road Hero space saver spare wheel kit in your vehicle?

It is small, reliable and offers peace of mind. Nobody wants to be stranded by the side of the road waiting for someone else to replace their wheel, especially when it can be much faster to do it themselves. By having this spare wheel in the vehicle, you can carry on with your journey as soon as possible. Many things can cause a tyre to burst, puncture or get damaged including poor road conditions – here in the UK,  they are known for being particularly hard on tyres – so it is best to be prepared!

You can trust Projex to deliver high quality products as we have a positive reputation for the service we provide. We specialise in helping supercar, prestige car and luxury car drivers customise their vehicles with alloy wheels, performance parts and accessories.

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