TPMS Sensor


TPMS sensors are designed to monitor the air pressure inside your vehicle’s tyres. This data is then relayed to the driver in real time to make you aware of any malfunction. If tyres are not inflated to the correct level, this will affect how they wear and it can often be difficult to spot a slow leak. TPMS is an effective early warning system that helps reduce the number of accidents caused by under-inflated tyres.

Benefits of TPMS sensors

Not only does it improve safety, it can save you money on fuel as you will be driving on tyres that are filled to the right pressure point. If at any time the pressure in one or more tyre drops below 25 percent of the manufacturer’s default pressure level (this is usually a drop of around 6 PSI), you will be notified and able to sort the issue before it becomes any more hazardous.

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TPMS Sensor

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