SCUFFS by Rimblades Alloy Wheel Rim Protector


SCUFFS by Rimblades

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  • Rim protector and styling product made from  flexible, tough and shock absorbent material easy to wipe clean, improved with the latest VHB (very high bond) GPH tape from 3M factory installed
  • Help to protect alloy wheels and cover existing damage
  • Supplied in 4 x 1.9 metre lengths, cleaning wipes and 3M adhesion promoter.
  • Scuffs have a fitting guide lip on the top side to aid installation
  • Fits wheels up to 22” in diameter, simply cut the required length during the fitting procedure.
  • Available in 10 different colours



Scuffs require a 7mm wide minimum mounting surface. They will fit flat edged wheels and those with a lip that has a flat surface to it, or wheels that have a gentle curve to the face as long as the wheels have a sharp top edge. It won′t fit wheels that have a lip or those with balance weights on a lipped surface.

Anyone can fit Rimblades products with no mechanical experience required

Additional information



Additional Information

Rimblades have been fully tested by Millbrook for high speed endurance, various road surfaces and kerb strikes at various angles. Additionally the tape bond has been laboratory tested by 3M and digital simulation conducted.
Because alloy wheel rims have different finishes and could be painted, powder coated, polished, chromed, diamond cut or even have stainless steel lips you have to make the surface universally suitable for bonding the tape to. This is why we include a specially formulated primer to increase the surface energy on the wheel surface to enable the tape to bond sufficiently.
Any silicone left over from tyre and wheel cleaners or tyre lubrication spray will totally stop adhesion. Wheels need to be totally free of all contaminants.
New Alloy Wheels: Some manufacturers and dealerships will coat new wheels with an anti-brake dust coating. This will inhibit Rimblades products performance and needs to be scrubbed off prior to fitting.
Refurbished Alloy Wheels: We only recommend using Rimblades if repaired or repainted wheels have been done to a high standard and had sufficient time to cure and harden.
Cold or damp conditions: In these conditions you will be bonding to a damp surface due to moisture in the air.. A simple hairdryer could be used or a hot air gun if you have access to one to warm the surfaces and ensure they are totally dry.
Very important: These tapes are pressure activated, so go around pushing the product on with firm pressure. Once fitted, drive carefully until tape fully cured. This means the maximum bond is not instant, but takes around 72 hours to fully cure, although useable bond strength is reached within 24 hours.

What tools do I need to fit Rimblades products?
A pencil or craft knife and a pair of scissors. In cold weather a hot air gun or hairdryer too.
They are designed to be a sacrificial product. This means that if you hit one of them hard, it will need to be replaced.

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