Bentley Custom Alloy Wheels

For a Bentley that matches your taste down to the last detail, you need custom alloy wheels by Projex. We create any wheel you can think of with fast worldwide shipping available so that your new wheels can be fitted as soon as possible. Looking to spread the cost of your alloys? Simple ask about our finance options and we will be happy to help you choose the payment solution that suits you. We specialise in luxury, prestige and super cars such as Bentley and Rolls Royce, offering high-quality customisation services that are guaranteed to exceed expectations. Projex stocks thousands of premium brand wheels and we are now pleased to be able to offer custom forged wheels that can be tailored to your requirements. If you want your Bentley to stand out from the crowd, a set of unique wheels is the solution!

Bentley Custom Alloy Wheels

Leading Bentley customisation experts providing custom alloy wheels & quality modifications

Our team can help you with any other modifications you have in mind to make your car even more special. Choose from a wide range of products and services including aerodynamics, wheel accessories, custom builds, ECU re-maps, high performance tuning, performance exhausts, tyres & suspension, vehicle wraps and window tinting. We have years of experience supplying customers with exotic wheels and pride ourselves on being able to create anything you are dreaming of. With Projex you know that you are getting a great deal as we will price match any website or written quote. Our advanced wheel and tyre fitment guide guarantees the perfect fit for your new wheels and all enquiries are handled by friendly professionals who are experts in their field.

Ready to order custom alloy wheels for your Bentley?

Simply give us a call on 01275 774 308 or contact us online for more information – please give as many details as possible so that we can provide a more effective reply, thank you.