PPF Paint protection film
PPF Paint protection film

Take care of your vehicle with our quick, professional Paint Protection Film installation

PPF Paint protection film

Projex is proud to be an approved installer of PremiumShield®, one of the world’s clearest, strongest paint protection films on the market.

PPF provides protection against many things that could damage paintwork, including:

  • Stone chips

  • Vandalism

  • Poor washing techniques

  • Scratches and swirl marks

  • Bird lime

  • Bug etching

  • Sun damage and bleaching

Due to the wide range of colours and paint effects on vehicles today, contemporary vehicle paint has become softer and more susceptible to damage.

Our PPF service provides the best possible protection coverage for the majority of vehicle makes and models, all whilst being practically invisible!

It combines an industry first, patent pending, clear coat with a tried and true aliphatic polyurethane resin to ensure paintwork is fully protected. The film can be applied to bespoke paint jobs and original factory paint on cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats and more.

PPF Paint protection film
PPF Paint protection film
PPF Paint protection film

Keep your paintwork looking as good as the day it was applied with our unique, self-healing paint protection film. No more worrying about damage caused by day-to-day impact of use or environmental factors. With PremiumShield® you can rest assured you have the best form of protection keeping your paintwork safe and Projex carries out professional installations that promise a flawless finish.

Choose the type of PPF that best suits your requirements and our team will apply the film with care and precision. Once installed, the film acts as a shield that takes care of your car for you. Projex offers a range of cost-effective vehicle protection and customisation services including window tinting, custom carbon fibre work and vinyl wrapping.

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PPF Paint protection film