Storij – Vehicle Storage Solution from TGE

Storij is an innovative storage solution that is perfect for keeping your garage or car park tidy and clutter-free. Parking spaces are already fairly small for most of us, so rather than wasting the space available over the top of your vehicle, this steel box utilises it. Once the box has been installed, you will find that you have so much more room to store everything, from sports equipment to bikes. We know your vehicle is your pride and joy, so why not have your new storage solution wrapped to match it?


Will the Storij elevated storage / organiser fit over my vehicle?

The ventilated storage box has been designed for use with any vehicle, with fully adjustable legs and feet which can be bolted to the floor. This makes it a versatile, secure option for anyone looking to maximise their storage space and if you ever move, it can easily be dismantled and reassembled again at a later date. If you choose to order more than one unit, they can be interlocked to make them even more space-efficient. The hydraulic assisted door on the front it easy to open and close, with a 2-way locking mechanism for total security.

Space saving personalised storage, ideal for car covers, tyres, cleaning products & more

At 2345mm wide, 1000mm deep and 2010-2210mm high, Storij fits perfectly in even the smallest space whilst offering a generous storage area. This makes it perfect for clearing space in your property and it can be easily accessed at any time. Projex is proud to provide our customers with this functional and full-customisable automotive storage solution. The safe and sturdy Storij box has been designed by a team of professionals with a passion for cars so you can be sure it will exceed expectations. Inject personality into your parking space by colour-matching your new storage space to your own vehicle – moving clutter into the Storij, you can make your car the centre of attention!