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  1. Exhaust system
  2. Engine tuning
  3. Accessories
  4. Suspension
  5. Aerodynamics
  6. Interior
Rolls Royce Ghost DMC 'Imperatore' Base package  Image
Rolls Royce Ghost DMC 'Imperatore' Base package  Image
  • Rolls Royce Ghost DMC 'Imperatore' Base package

  • DMC
  • Consists of the following items:

    Front Fascia
    Adding a new aggressive look to the front of the car. It stays in line with the original Rolls Royce design, not “too much”. The idea was to keep it simple, it’s a Rolls Royce.

    Rear Trim
    An elegant trim that adds a unique note to the car’s rear.

    Rear Fascia
    The bold rear fascia adds to the name IMPERATORE, making the DMC Rolls Royce a proud sight on every street.

    Rear Diffuser
    Sitting under the car, the Rear Diffuser Fins add a sporty touch, while not overdoing it.

    Side Skirt
    These skirts add a significant design element to the car’s side fascia.

    Rear Spoiler
    The rear spoiler sits on top of the trunk’s edge and completes the new refined look of the car.

  • Rolls Royce Ghost