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    Another custom set of custom Vossen Wheels.. 20” CV-T in Matte Ti Bronze. #vossen #cvt #custom #wheels

    Wheels : Vossen CV-T Spec : 20” x 9  Finish : Matte Ti Bronze

    #vossenwheels #paint #bespoke

    2014-07-30 12:26:33 GMT // Permalink

  2. Photo

    Masertai Gran Turismo - MC Stradale Bumper + Lowered + ADV1 wheels #adv1 #advwheels #maserati #granturismo @adv1  Wheels : ADV1  Model : ADV 5.0 m.v2 Finish : Matte Black Spec : 21” Fr | 22”

    2014-07-30 08:05:55 GMT // Permalink

  3. Photo

    ADV CS M.V2 series wheels - the ultimate performance wheels from ADV1 wheels.. #adv1 #advwheels

    #thewheelindustry #supercars #alloywheels #rims

    2014-07-29 17:57:54 GMT // Permalink

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